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Welcome to Cornerstone CPA Group, located in Elkhart, Indiana. We provide tax services, for-profit and non-profit audit services, and other accounting and management advisory services to businesses and individuals. This website will be a useful place for you to find information, articles, and financial tools to help you better your business or personal finances.  Cornerstone CPA Group stands out as a quality certified public accounting firm that provides great value for both our business and individual clients.


 Tax Reform Center

  • Business Tax Reform Newsletter:  Click here to see our recent newsletter explaining how tax reform will impact business owners.

  • Individual Tax Reform Newsletter: Click here to see our recent newsletter explaining how tax reform will impact you as an individual.
  • Client Letter: Click here to see our client letter which gives a brief overview of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This new act will affect virtually every one of our clients.  

  • Tax Reform and Your Paycheck: The amount that your employer is withholding from your paycheck has changed due to tax reform, so you may be surprised to find that you owe money with your tax return if you fail to update your withholdings. To help with this, the IRS has created a "Withholding Calculator" to help employees find out if they need to change their payroll tax withholdings. Click here to access that calculator.


Miscellaneous Updates

  • Major Sales Tax Changes for Online Sellers: You may have heard of the recent court case (Wayfair vs. South Dakota) which had a major impact on sales tax rules for businesses that sell products online. Please give us a call or email if you sell items online across state borders because this law may affect you.
  • Job Openings: Cornerstone is in need of additional professional and administrative staff to help serve our clients. Find more information about job openings hereCornerstone Job Openings


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Our office located in Elkhart, Indiana

Our mission is to provide accounting, audit, tax, and management advisory services of the highest level of quality and to build relationships with our clients to create a strong foundation that supports achieving their financial goals and finding their success.


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